We help your business do what it does, better.

Here's the thing: you're an expert at what you do. We free up your time to focus on what you're good at, and help you grow as a business. How? Glad you asked.

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3-step process

Our goal is to make streamlining your business as simple as possible. We work with you to come up with solutions that best fit your company and team. We present things clearly, focus on solutions, and above all: we are human.

1. Assess

We take a look at how things are done in your business, we talk to the fine folks who work with you, and we build a picture of how your business operates and how information flows.

2. Solve

We think hard about things. Using our expert knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and our assessment of your business, we come up with an action plan to make things easier for you and your team.

3. Test

Sometimes solutions can reveal even more opportunities. This process is a loop – we assess results, and strive for continuous improvement. There's always something that can be done better.

Two people meeting, looking at the same laptop screen.

Business coaching

As a small business owner, you might not know what you need to do next to grow your business. Or you might want to spend more time focusing on the things you enjoy doing.

Our experience lets us take a wholistic view of your business, work out where you need to spend your time, and help with strategies for how to grow.

Multiple people working together on a project.

Project management

With a matter-of-fact approach to project management, we help move work forward from the ground up. No fluff; only actionable data. Plus you'll have the project status at your fingertips whenever you need it.

We break the work down into what needs to get done, and make sure it happens. Simple.

An event or interview with people sitting on a couch and attendees all around listening.

Online event management

Physical distancing doesn't mean the power of events can't be used to build your brand or bring people together!

Showcase your company with a virtual conference or product launch. Tour customers with a virtual site visit, host some online networking, try some team-building, and more.

With our event management services, there's no better way to land clients, build morale, and have fun.

Wireframe drawing of a website next to a phone. Shand & Co. does responsive web design and development so that your website looks great regardless of what device you view it ion.

Web development

Revamp your brand with a modern, engaging, user-friendly website at a price that fits your budget. Whether your customers are browsing from their phones or a computer, we make sure your website looks its best and everything can be easily found.

We'll even provide help to make sure your content hits hard and converts customers.

A tablet showing graphs.

Digital marketing & SEO

Get a clear picture of who's interested in your brand with our analysis of customer behaviour via Google Analytics.

Build your company's reputation through targeted online marketing, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. We target your potential customers with eye-catching promotions that convert.

Plus, our search engine optimisation service aims to get your brand to the #1 spot of potential customers' Google search results. Increase your brand credibility and help new customers find your company organically.

People putting together ideas for branding.


Update your logo and brand for the digital age, set yourself above your competitors, order must-have giveaways at conferences, give your customers an app to keep your brand top of mind, and more.

Mapping out a process on a whiteboard.

Process mapping

We work with you and your team to save hours of work each week.

Productivity is a process, and we aim to automate the work you do as much as possible to keep you flexible and efficient.

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Get the word out on the street about your products, services, and brand. Talk to us about our custom promotion services!

About us

Shand & Co. was born out of a frustration with organisations that weren't leveraging technology to do work for them. This evolved into a goal to support entrepreneurs and small teams who are experts in what they do – we provide the guidance and support to spend less time worrying about the business side of things, and more time doing what they're good at. Leveraging experience with startups, Shand & Co. is on a mission to help small, underdog companies duke it out with big ones by allowing them to be more flexible and efficient with technology and automation, while helping to position small companies using creative marketing and branding.

We're based in Sudbury, Ontario with advisors located across Canada and Australia.

Brendan Shand

Brendan Shand

Brendan has worked for multi-national corporations, not-for-profits, education providers, government, hospitality businesses and startups over the past 12 years. He's got a keen sense of how to leverage technology to save time and automate processes and maintains that Star Wars is one of the greatest things in the world.

Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher

Steve has 8 years of design and web development experience ranging from not-for-profits to startups, and brings his expertise in tech stack standards, his masterful skills in app development, insightful design feedback, and first-class problem solving. Just don't challenge him in CS: GO.

Erin Shand

Erin Shand

Erin is a master at SEO, able to resurrect dead pages and position companies at the top of search results. She has also worked with brands of all sizes to create innovative experiential promotion campaigns. Erin's experience spans social media marketing, event management, PR, marketing strategy, and more. She knows her beers, too!

Compete with the big companies.

Leverage our services and technology to make your team function like a much larger one, at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the complexity.

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